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Our goal is to offer items you want, but can’t find in your neck of the woods. We’re gonna include recipes for you, so you can make that special something you remember Grandma making, but had no idea how she did it .You only remember how delicious it was eatin’ it and even the smell of her kitchen while she was cookin’it.We are offering at this time Natural Honey, Jelly, Syrup, Molasses,  from the Deep South. Cajun, Creole spices and Mixes.

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Syrup Information

The difference between the Syrups is a s follows: Sugarcane is any of several species of tall perennial true grasses of the genus Saccharum, The Ribbon Cane Plant was used commercially in the south up to 1960. The plant has a darker color strip running down the middle of the leaves. Hence, the name Ribbon Cane Syrup. Yellow or golden cane has a yellow hue to the plant at harvest time it has replaced Ribbon cane in the fields here in the south. (After 1960, easer to grow, a hardier plant)

Sorghum Syrup/Molasses is derived from the Sweet Sorghum Plant (Sorghum is also genus of grasses) it looks like a corn plant except at the top where the tassel is located the Sorghum plant has many many more tassels (top of plant) than the corn plant

Flavor is up to the user, People who use the respective syrups will not use anything else. Sorghum is referred as Molasses because you can use it in cooking like Molasses as well as syrup it has its own unique taste . To my taste Yellow cane is the least smooth. Ribbon cane and sorghum is smoother than yellow cane, again taste is up to each person.

As far as storage all three do not have any additives except for citric acid to delay crystallization. All will crystallize to sugar given enough time. The plants are cultivated to create sugar that is there purpose. We have seen crystallization to starting in 12 months. The syrups need to be stored out of direct sunlight and in a cool area.